Hello, my name is:

Jamie Baillie
3-42 Saranac Blvd
North York, ON
Canada, M6A 2G5

Home Phone #: 416-781-7976
Cell Phone #: 416-450-1717

I also drive a blue Oldsmobile, Ontario license plate  ACYM 544

I am one of the stupidest spammers in the entire world. Read all about me in NANAE. Call me and see if you've heard my voice before.

Captured in a DHS Club training session, and discussed in NANAE: TeamJamie voice clip

I look like this:

What a goof

I was spamming for DHS Club, and when that proved too hard, I tried spamming for other things.

First let me show you my account:

Paypal account

In case you think this really isn't mine:


Sure. you've seen this address before, in this posting by my good buddy Steve Linford.

But some people might think it really wasn't me who was spamming and getting paid for it, so check this out:


See? It's really me. Anybody setting up this account would also have to be a fellow Canadian.

And look at the phone number I used to set up the account - 416-335-5848.
See? A reverse directory has it listed at the same address. Use this link at Infospace.


But who was I spamming for, you might ask? Let's look at a summary:


OK - notice the $20 charge on May 22, and subsequent refund on May 23? This is the infamous incident where I was ripped off when I bought a list of what I thought were valid proxies for spamming. This nasty guy Shaun posted all about it on this web site, and in this message thread in NANAE. And his email to Paypal was like this, and I'm still going to sue him for harasement and liable:

Attention, PayPal:

I have refunded this bottom-feeding, lying, bogus-abuse-report-making,
k00k-ass son of a bitch. I'm tired of dealing with his bullshit. The
entire story has been posted for all of the world to see in Usenet, and
that's good enough for me!

The world will yet again be able to see Mr. Baillie for the scamming,
no-good scumsucking spammer that he is.

But life has to go on, so I got my ass in gear and got back to spamming. Finally got paid on Jun 1 for some HGH spamming I did for Greg Nowakowski. See the detail:


I had been having a problem with the mailouts for Greg, so I asked him to help:

From :
"Jamie" <surfer800@hotmail.com>

To :

Subject :
Site issues

Date :
Tue, 27 May 2003 12:26:08 -0400
Hey Greg whats up with your site When I try and go to

I get that the page can not be displayed and also the image
that I am mailing out is not showing up

Can you please look into this I dunno whats happening but I was
about to start a mail out.


Jamie (294)

I also saw the idiots in NANAE talking about my buddy Greg, so I told him about it:

From :
"Jamie" <surfer800@hotmail.com>

To :

Subject :
Heads up

Date :
Wed, 4 Jun 2003 18:27:13 -0400

Hey Greg I wanted to let you know about this I saw this thread on
http://groups.google.com mentionion your domain healthproductsnow.net

LOL in this one they seem to think you are the big time spammer Ralsky.
Looks like some one is trying to target you watch out dude. Just a heads up when I saw that this was your domain that was being mentioned in this email I thought
I would send you over the information.
I also made a couple of bucks for mortgage leads, as you can see here:


Of course, even Adam tried to rip me off:

From: "Jamie" <darkshad@rogers.com>
To: "-- ß Ã | | -- mwa" <jayhaa@hotmail.com>
Cc: <Hustlen4now@aol.com>
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 9:17 PM
Subject: Lead issues

Hi guys there is something going very strange with the leads
Your affiliate ID is 338065

What is happening is  if I do leads by Hour It shows that
I have leads on June 1 2003 and June 4 2003.
Date Select - Leads by Hour is the one I am selecting.

I have 4 on June 1 2003 and 1 on June 4 2003.

But if I select Date Select Weekly Summary it says I have 0 leads
on June 1. I think something is really screwed up with
the scripts here. I wanted to let you guys know about this.

I should have 4 on June 1 2003.

On both as well in the From Date I am selecting June 1 2003 and the
To date June 4 2003.  So how come it shows up on one but not
the other. I have attached the two screen shots to demonstrate this.

Can you please look into this. It appears to be a glitch in the system.

Thanks Jamie AKA Byteme

From :
"Jamie" <surfer800@hotmail.com>
To :
Subject :
Pay Out June 1 to June 14 2003
Date :
Sun, 15 Jun 2003 01:28:42 -0400

Hey Adam whats up.... I was just curious when you were going to do a pay out for
June 1 to June 14 2003. I have a total of 13 Leads at $8.00 USD
thats $104 USD that I am owed I have not been paided out. Can you take
care of this and pay me out.

Your affiliate ID is 338065

My PayPal account is darkshad99@hotmail.com
can you please pay me out to this account like you have
done in the past.

I have attached a screen capture as well.


Jamie AKA Byteme

From :
"Jamie" <surfer800@hotmail.com>
To :
Subject :
Re: Pay Out June 1 to June 14 2003
Date :
Sun, 15 Jun 2003 17:47:03 -0400

What gives when are you going to pay me! I still have not gotten paided for the
last 2 weeks!


And the scumbag replies:
From :
To :
Subject :
Re: Channel
Date :
Sun, 15 Jun 2003 18:39:38 EDT

bro im realy sorry i got riped big time i will by you soon you gota trust me my pay pal is -250$ ever1 is in #bulkers now...

And I also spammed leads for Shawn Quinn:


But spamming is really hard work, so I'm considering givingi it up altogether. I can't get good proxies, and it's even hard to steal access to my favorite spamware:
From :
"Jamie" <surfer800@hotmail.com>

To :

Subject :
Dynamailer 8.4

Date :
Tue, 1 Jul 2003 01:06:26 -0400

Hey guys just curious if you have come out with a crack for
Dynamailer 8.4 I downloaded your keygen
for Dynamailer 8.3 and it does not work with the
Dynamailer 8.4. I had your crack for 8.3 but obviously the
author has changed the the algorithm a bit in 8.4.

If some one can take a look at 8.4 and see if they
can come up with a keygen for Dynamailer 8.4 I
would greatly appreciate it.

And on your channel on the EFNET
called  #cracks-world I can only seem to
find keygens for 8.0 and 8.3.

[01:02] <Cowboyt> dynamailer.8.3.keygen-tsrh.zip - TSRH - DynaMailer 8.3 -
[01:02] <Cowboyt> tsrh-dynamailer80_kg.zip - TSRH - DynaMailer 8.0 - 20030204
[01:02] <Cowboyt> Found a total of (2) matches

I have also checked though your website at

You can get Dynamailer 8.4 at

If some one does come up with a new keygen for Dynamailer 8.4
can you please email it over to me. I would greatly appreciate it.



Posted for your enjoyment by: The Escalade Team